Make Your Move Easy on the Kids

Our moving services in Virginia Beach, VA are kid-friendly by design

Did your babysitter cancel on you? Are your kids unexpectedly going to be present for your move? To help you out in this situation, A Mover Inc. has developed a list of helpful tips and tricks designed to make your move stress-free.

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Include the kids in your upcoming move

Youngsters may not understand everything that's going on during your move. In an effort to make them comfortable with the process, we've developed the following tips:

  • Give your kids a preview of their new home
  • Talk about what goes on during a move
  • Ask for their input about the placement of items
  • Leave a few of their toys out to keep them busy
  • Let them help with the move by carrying small, age-appropriate items
You can have a successful move with your kids present. If you're in Virginia Beach, VA and need moving services, call now to schedule your appointment.