Have your baby grand carefully relocated to your new home

Moving a piano is no small feat. One small drop or bump can lead to expensive repairs or even permanent damage. Don't risk ruining your prized instrument forever-call the moving professionals at A Mover Inc. We specialize in transporting small and grand pianos throughout Virginia Beach, VA.

Call 757-464-6683 to schedule our licensed and insured piano moving services today.

We'll take the weight off your shoulders

Don't just assume that you can wrap your piano in a blanket and transport it in the back of your moving truck. Pianos are very delicate and can be easily broken with just a slight knock or bang, and transporting it alongside other heavy furniture can cause major damage. A Mover Inc. takes every precaution before relocating your piano, including:

  • Protecting the keys and pedals
  • Employing proper lifting equipment
  • Providing special padding

When you need your piano moved, turn to the professionals at A Mover Inc. for reliable piano transportation.